Your On-Campus Address

If you live on campus at UCLA and want to register as a California voter, it’s important to remember that your mailing address is different from your home address.

If you want to keep voting in LA County while at UCLA after you’ve moved off campus, you won’t have to update your voter registration until after you graduate. You would just need to ensure the address registered is updated with where you are living after you move off campus.

UCLA Buildings

Your Mailing Address

The mailing address for all on-campus housing residents is:

[[Your full name registered with UCLA Housing]]
330 De Neve Dr.
[[Your building name]] [[Your room number]]
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Your Home Address

Your home address is your specifc residence address. You can find your specific address here:

Get Email Notifications from the UCLA Housing Mail Center

The UCLA Housing Mail Center will email you a notification whenever you receive any package, including your Vote-by-Mail materials.

To make sure you’re receiving email notifications from the UCLA Housing Mail Center, check the email address you have on file with Housing Services.

  1. Login to your Housing Application.
  2. Select ‘Access Housing Application & Offers’
  3. Update your personal information.

Changes in the system will be reflected by the following morning.

If you have any questions, ask a staff member in person at the UCLA Housing Mail Center or contact Housing Administration.

Already registered at a different address?

If you’re living on campus at UCLA and you’re currently registered to vote at a different address somewhere else (e.g. the city or town you grew up in), you have two options:

If you want to vote in the election that’s in your home county, someone with access to your mail will need to forward your printed voting materials to your new address at UCLA as described above.

If you want to vote in an LA County election, you need to re-register to vote with your new UCLA address. Visit the CA Secretary of State website, click on "Register to Vote," and write in the address above.