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Voting Information

The next opportunities to vote are:

  • November 5, 2019: Local and Municipal Elections
  • March 3, 2020: Presidential Primary Election
  • November 3, 2020: General Election

Voting will take place in Ackerman Union. Register (or reregister) to vote now to vote locally.

Our democracy only works when everyone votes!

When to register/re-register to vote:

  • When you turn 18
  • When you have a change of address-like moving to college
  • To change your party affiliation-this only affects who you can vote for in primary elections
  • To switch to vote by mail or vote in person

If you live on campus, your mailing address is 330 De Neve Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90024. Your home address depends on your residential facility listed below. It will save you time and hassle (shorter lines!) on election day if you list your mailing address differently from your home address. If you want to keep voting on campus, you won’t have to update your voter registration until you graduate and move.

If you live on campus, your home address when registering is:

  • Acacia: 341 Charles Young Drive
  • Birch: 361 Charles Young Drive
  • Canyon: Point 200 DeNeve Drive
  • Cedar: 301 Charles Young Drive
  • Courtside: 200 DeNeve Drive
  • Delta Terrace: 200 DeNeve Drive
  • Dogwood: 321 Charles Young Drive
  • Dykstra Hall: 401 Charles Young Drive
  • Evergreen: 331 Charles Young Drive
  • Fir: 381 Charles Young Drive
  • Gardenia: 470 Gayley Avenue
  • Hedrick Hall: 250 DeNeve Drive
  • Hedrick Summit: 240 DeNeve Drive
  • Hitch Suites: 245 DeNeve Drive
  • Holly: 345 DeNeve Drive
  • Rieber Hall: 310 DeNeve Drive
  • Rieber Terrace: 270 DeNeve Drive
  • Rieber Vista: 280 DeNeve Drive
  • Saxon Suites: 325 DeNeve Drive
  • Sproul Hall: 350 DeNeve Drive
  • Sproul Cove: 330 DeNeve Drive
  • Sproul Landing: 380 DeNeve Drive